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Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to drive operational excellence at all levels from the driver to the Chief Executive Officer, along with ensuring on time safe deliveries is sustained by taking care of our team and leading with compassion & empathy. 




Warrior Transportation & Logistics LLC is a Transportation & Logistics Company that drives operational leadership at all levels. The company primarily transports general freight throughout the United States, safely on time with care.  The organization is lead by a veteran with over 21 years of logistical service with 3 combat deployments to this great country.  Tyrone “Ty” Sanders has a transformational leadership style and believes in empowering his team along with driving safety and operational excellence. 


Safety is a paramount concern for our trucking company. In addition to rigorous formal training, we provide each driver with comprehensive manuals. Our dedication to safety is further demonstrated through the implementation of safety meetings, programs, and workshops, all designed to proactively minimize the occurrence of accidents.


We adhere to the standard vehicle practices outlined for our industry and work constantly to improve fuel sustainability. Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to the incorporation of alternative fuels, notably through the utilization of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks. This strategic choice not only aligns with our pursuit of low-carbon emissions but also underscores our dedication to minimizing the environmental impact associated with our operations.

Warrior Transportation & Logistics LLC Capability Statement

Company Overview:

Warrior Transportation and Logistics, headquartered in the vibrant Olive Branch, MS, stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic growth and operational excellence in the transportation industry. Since our inception in 2019 with a solitary truck and driver, we have rapidly evolved into a significant force in the logistics landscape. Our enduring commitment to punctual and secure deliveries reflects our dedicated team and leadership style infused with compassion and empathy.

Mission Statement:

“At Warrior Transportation and Logistics, our primary goal is to drive operational excellence at all levels, ensuring on-time, safe deliveries. We achieve this by caring for our team, leading with compassion and empathy.”


Under the dynamic leadership of CEO Mr. Tyrone Sanders, a distinguished military veteran with 23 years of service and three combat deployments, Warrior Transportation and Logistics has achieved remarkable and sustained growth. Drawing from his extensive experience, Mr. Sanders has successfully managed various companies as General Manager, including the notable $2.1 billion company Badder & Masber as Deputy Program Manager. His strategic expertise has been a driving force behind the company’s success.

In addition to his impressive corporate background, Mr. Sanders holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. His resolute dedication to safety, compliance, and community engagement has been pivotal in guiding Warrior Transportation and Logistics towards its current success. As a leader who seamlessly integrates military precision with corporate acumen, Mr. Sanders has steered the company to new heights, embodying a commitment to excellence and growth.

Team and Infrastructure:

Currently managing a dedicated team of 60 drivers, 10 dispatchers, and key managerial positions, Warrior Transportation and Logistics operates from a strategically located and expanded truck yard and office building. Our robust infrastructure ensures operational efficiency and the seamless execution of logistics services.


Community Engagement:

Beyond our core business activities, we actively participate in community initiatives, including “Friends For All” and other local and regional organizations, underscoring our commitment to social responsibility and community well-being.

Core Competencies:

Our diverse range of core competencies aligns with North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and Product Service Code (PCS) categories, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to delivering top-tier services:

General Freight Trucking (Local and Long Distance):

NAICS Codes: 484110, 484121, 484122, 484230

From local transportation solutions to managing extensive long-distance operations, our fleet management capabilities ensure reliability and efficiency.

Specialized Freight Trucking:

NAICS Code: 484230

Warrior Transportation and Logistics excels in the nuanced handling of specialized freight, tailoring our services to meet the unique demands of long-distance transportation.

Support Services:

NAICS Code: 561990

Going beyond conventional transport, our comprehensive support services guarantee a seamless and integrated experience for our clients, fostering operational efficiency.

Professional Organizations:

NAICS Code: 813920

Active engagement with professional organizations underscores our commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.

Other Similar Organizations:

NAICS Code: 813990

As responsible corporate citizens, we actively participate in organizations contributing to community well-being, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility.

Transportation/Travel/Relocation: Motor Freight:

PCS Code: V112

Our services, encapsulated by the V112 PCS code, highlight our dedication to providing exceptional motor freight transportation solutions.

Unique Entity Information:

Unique Entity ID: HUQHQWZ8TND8


Service Offerings:

Our extensive service portfolio encompasses:

Long haul and short haul freight delivery

3rd party logistics services

Warehouse operations

Loading/unloading services

Hostler services

Forklift operations

City deliveries, and more.

Amazon Freight Partner (AFP) Collaboration:

Establishing a pivotal collaboration with Amazon in 2020, Warrior Transportation and Logistics proudly joined the prestigious ranks of Amazon Freight Partners (AFP). This partnership marked a significant milestone in our journey, catapulting us into a realm of expanded opportunities and heightened responsibilities. As an AFP, we undertook the management of a growing fleet, comprising four trucks and ten drivers, contributing indispensably to the seamless operations of Amazon’s expansive logistics network.

Strategic Growth and Fleet Expansion:

Our commitment to excellence and operational efficiency fueled a remarkable growth trajectory. By 2021, we had not only doubled our fleet to ten trucks but also increased our driver roster to twenty, a testament to our relentless pursuit of expansion and optimization. During this phase, recognizing the need for robust internal infrastructure, we strategically introduced key office management positions, including an HR manager, Safety Manager, and Compliance Manager.

As the year 2022 drew to a close, we underwent a strategic relocation from a smaller truck yard to a more extensive facility, complemented by a larger office building. This move was accompanied by a substantial increase in our fleet size, reaching a total of 20 trucks and 40 drivers. The expanded operational space and enhanced facilities underscored our commitment to providing unparalleled transportation and logistics services.

Continued Growth in 2023:

In the year 2023, our growth trajectory continues unabated. The fleet has expanded to 26 trucks, and our driver count has reached 60, a testament to our sustained commitment to providing reliable, efficient, and safe transportation services. This substantial growth has necessitated the management of a diverse team, including drivers, dispatchers, safety managers, compliance experts, operations managers, office support managers, and a business development manager.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Safety and Compliance:

We have a strong safety and compliance policy in place which aligns with FMCA and DOT Laws and Regulations and meets insurance and Amazon requirements. We provide training to our drivers on this policy when they come on board. We also have a record keeping and record maintenance system in place to meet compliance requirements.

Good Standing:

We uphold top-tier standards, meticulously managing licenses, DOT authority, OSHA cards, and vehicle records. Our unwavering commitment extends to safeguarding employee information. With an impressive 1.9 CSA score for vehicles (vs. the 22.26 national average) and a remarkable 1.4 for drivers (vs. the 6.67 national average), we surpass industry norms, exemplifying excellence in safety, compliance, and business standing.

Service Reliability:

We pride ourselves on maintaining an unwavering commitment to service reliability, ensuring the timely pick-up and delivery of all shipments. Our professional drivers, deeply understanding the importance of on-time deliveries, employ meticulous trip planning techniques to guarantee the efficiency of our operations. To cultivate a culture of excellence, we incentivize outstanding performance through performance bonuses, fostering a commitment to safe and punctual deliveries.

Our proven track record with Amazon is a testament to our dedication, reflected in impressive statistics over the past twelve months. We achieved a remarkable 97.1% ‘on time to destination’ score, showcasing our reliability in meeting delivery deadlines. The 98.1% ‘load acceptance rate’ underscores our efficiency in managing and executing deliveries. Furthermore, our commitment to utilizing technology is evident in the 99.8% ‘rate of deliveries using technology,’ highlighting our embrace of cutting-edge solutions to enhance our services. Additionally, our exceptional 99.6% ‘disruption-free delivery’ rate demonstrates our ability to navigate challenges seamlessly.

In the past twelve months, we executed an impressive 28,233 loads, and an outstanding 97.1% of these deliveries were on time. Our drivers covered a total of 220,000 miles safely to fulfill these deliveries, emphasizing our commitment to both efficiency and safety. These accomplishments contribute to our outstanding overall performance score of 98.55%, solidifying our reputation as a reliable and high-performing partner in the transportation and logistics industry.

As we embark on our short-term and long-term plans for growth and expansion, these achievements serve as a strong foundation, reinforcing our position as a trusted and efficient partner in the competitive landscape of transportation and logistics.

Vehicle maintenance

We maintain our fleet to high operational standards, aiming for a consistent 95% fleet capacity. Regular A and B services occur every 25,000 miles, complemented by mandatory annual DOT inspections. Partnering with Amerit for on-site maintenance ensures timely repairs. Leveraging Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), we promptly address faults and breakdowns, prioritizing swift actions to ensure our vehicles are road-ready and operate safely.


Our team and drivers comprehend the significance of maintaining a positive public image and reinforcing our brand. Through ongoing education, we instill a deep understanding of public relations and brand awareness, emphasizing their role as brand ambassadors while on duty. Our stringent policy mandates drivers to adhere to customer requirements, fostering courtesy, compliance with yard/property rules, and the use of proper safety gear to uphold safety standards and ensure customer satisfaction.


Diversification into Other Services:

Dispatch Service:

Beyond traditional freight management, Warrior Transportation and Logistics expanded its portfolio by venturing into dispatch services. This specialized business unit was established in 2022 to offer automation solutions to other AFPs, addressing critical aspects such as Hours-of-Service compliance, on-time delivery performance, fleet readiness, safety improvement, performance dispute resolution, and real-time driver alerts and tracking.

As a trusted dispatcher for other AFPs, our services have become instrumental in elevating the safety standards, on-time performance, and revenue generation for our partner companies. Currently boasting a team of ten skilled dispatchers, led by a capable Dispatch Manager, this business vertical has become an integral part of our diversified service offerings.

Our esteemed partners consistently express high satisfaction with our services. Mr. Chijioke’s testimonial serves as a testament to the contentment of our clientele:
“My entire team feels empowered and supported, knowing Warrior Dispatch is only a dial away.” – Chijioke Onyekwere, CEO, EarthCrust Logistics.

Expansion Plans:

Our growth is not merely a numerical statistic but a strategic approach to both horizontal and vertical expansion. Warrior Transportation and Logistics is poised to add more dimensions to its business, exploring new opportunities and markets. This capability is underlined by our adeptness in hiring, training, and nurturing a skilled workforce, ensuring that our growth is both sustainable and impactful.

Short Term Plan:

In the immediate future, Warrior Transportation and Logistics is strategically focusing on enhancing our dispatch services and expanding our network of Amazon Freight Partners (AFPs). Our short-term goal is to streamline and optimize the dispatch process, ensuring efficient and seamless coordination for our AFPs. By providing top-notch dispatch services, we aim to attract and onboard more AFPs, thereby expanding our footprint in the Amazon delivery network.

Simultaneously, our short-term plan involves accelerating the growth of our fleet and team size within Amazon as an Amazon Freight Partner. This involves investing in additional vehicles, technology, and manpower to meet the increasing demand for transportation services within the Amazon ecosystem. This expansion will not only fortify our position as a reliable Amazon Freight Partner but also contribute to the overall efficiency of Amazon’s logistics operations.

Long Term Plan:

Looking ahead, Warrior Transportation and Logistics envisions itself evolving into a comprehensive logistics company with a diversified portfolio of services. Our long-term strategic objective is to secure a partnership with FedEx as their last-mile Pickup and Delivery (P&D) partner. This ambitious move aligns with our commitment to extending our reach beyond the Amazon network, tapping into new markets and opportunities.

Additionally, our long-term plan encompasses a broader exploration of opportunities within the transportation and logistics industry. By diversifying our service offerings and staying adaptable to market dynamics, we aim to position Warrior Transportation and Logistics as a key player in the broader logistics landscape.

In both our short-term and long-term plans, our commitment to safety, compliance, and community engagement remains unwavering. These values, coupled with our resilience, innovation, and dedication to excellence, will continue to set us apart as a trusted and forward-thinking partner in the transportation and logistics industry.