Amazon Freight Partner (AFP) Services

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is substantiated by our impressive track record. As the trusted choice for Amazon, we have successfully overseen and managed their fleet, human resources, and delivery operations. Leveraging this wealth of experience, we are poised to be your dedicated partner, ready to provide you with tailored and dependable services that meet the highest standards in the industry. Your logistics needs are in capable hands with us.


  • 24/7 support to drivers
  • manage on time scheduled arrival and departure times
  • Communicate with Relay Operations Center (ROC) and Driver Support Services (DSS)
  • In transit visibility monitoring 

HOS Compliance

  • Hours of service monitoring 
    • ensure drivers are complying with DOT hours of service requirements 

SmartDrive Coaching

  • SmartDrive coaching
  • SmartDrive disputes 

Performance Disputes

Ensure on time arrival to all destinations

  • We will diligently conduct pre-trip, mid-trip, and ongoing monitoring of your drivers throughout their shifts. This comprehensive oversight allows us to provide timely reminders for punctuality and enables us to take proactive measures in the event of any unforeseen delays.

Onboarding Services

At Warrior Transportation & Logistics, our commitment to your success begins with our comprehensive Onboarding services. We’ve designed an efficient process that starts with Virtual Orientation and Training sessions, setting the stage for your new team members to make a meaningful impact from their very first day.

  • Phone Interviews 
    • We will contact all leads (potential candidates) and rigorously vet them through a predetermined qualification process. This is the initial step toward selecting highly qualified individuals who will bring substantial value to your team.
  • Background Check
    • We will send eligible candidates to First Advantage via Amazon Relay for background checks to ensure adherence to Amazon’s stipulated requirements.
  • JJ Keller Compliance
    • We will provide candidates with the JJ Keller application link, then facilitate their progress by ensuring the completion of their applications, drug screening, and clearing house inquiry. This ongoing follow-up process is designed to guarantee candidates’ successful onboarding.
  • Orientation & Training
    • Our Virtual Orientation covers job responsibilities, company policies, and core values. We offer comprehensive training sessions to equip your team. Throughout the orientation and training process, we conduct quizzes and knowledge assessments to gauge understanding and progress. These assessments help us tailor the training to individual needs and ensure that everyone is on the right track. The results of the final assessment are shared with the company owner, empowering them to make data-driven, informed decisions about each employee’s readiness to contribute effectively to the team.